Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves have come on leaps and bounds during recent years, as modern technology advances, they look much more like the real thing than those of a decade ago. Pioneer brands such as Dimplex with their Optiflame® and Opti-myst® ranges have built models that have truly lifted the bar for the competition, as they are so realistic it is difficult to tell them apart from an actual wood burning or multifuel stove.

Advantages of an Electric Stove

There are several advantages of electric stoves over fireplaces and traditional wood-burning stoves, one being that you do not need a chimney, flue, or a special place to put it. You can place an electric stove anywhere without professional installation.

Another beauty of an electric stove is you can still enjoy the lovely glowing flames even when the heating function is not required, as the flame effect works independently.

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