DEFRA Approved Stoves

DEFRA stands for the governmental Department of Environment, Farming, and Rural Affairs. The department is accountable for safeguarding the environment, promoting the food and farming industry, and supporting a flourishing rural economy.

In 1993, DEFRA launched some enhancements to the Clean Air Act, which banned the generation of dark smoke from chimneys and the emission of harmful fumes from furnaces and chimneys within various UK cities and towns.

This bill has become more prominent in recent years, as wood-burning stoves have surged in popularity.

What is a DEFRA Approved Stove?

A DEFRA approved stove indicates the appliance is fit to burn wood and other recommended fuels in smoke-controlled areas, as the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has deemed the levels of emissions as safe. We are currently one of the largest stockists of DEFRA approved stoves in the UK. Our large selection includes wood burning and multi fuel stoves, in cast iron, steel, or a combination of both metals.

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