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Esse FG500 Flueless Gas Stove

By Esse
The Esse FG500 Gas Stove is equally at home in a fireplace without a working chimney or anywhere with no fireplace at all.

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The Esse FG500 Gas Stove has all the charm and style of a G500 but with the added flexibility of catalytic flueless technology providing you with the freedom to locate it almost anywhere.

This gas stove delivers up to 3.3kW heat output and 100% fuel efficiency meaning absolutely all the heat is delivered into the room.


  • Cast iron construction
  • Black finish
  • 3.3kW heat output
  • 100% efficiency
  • Ceramic logs fuel bed
  • Flueless
  • Available with manual or remote control


Stove Dimensions

Stove Dimensions
A: 428mm
B: 595mm
C: 348mm

A rebate is the measurement between the back of the wall to the front of the back panel. To allow you to calculate the recess needed you must subtract the rebate by the thickness of the back panel.

For example;

100mm (rebate) – 20mm (back panel depth) = 80mm (fire recess depth)

Please note if a fire surround is fitted to a chimney then the depth of the fire/stove will be recessed within the chimney cavity, if the surround is fitted to a flat wall the full fire depth will need to be recessed within the surround.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number ESSE0014
Manufacturer Esse
Heat Output 3.3kW
Control Manual Control
Warranty 1 Year

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